First Time

We realize the idea of massage can be uncomfortable for some.  We want you to be able to walk in to our office knowing exactly what to expect.  Here, we've put together the five step process you'll go through every time.  As usual, if you have any questions or requests that will make your experience more comfortable, please don't hesitate to call or stop by.


Once you walk in you will be greeted by one of our staff.  They will confirm with you your appointment or help you schedule one if that's what you've come in for.  If you're a new insurance patient with us, you'll also be asked for your insurance card so we can make a copy for our records, along with your referral from a Dr or Chiropractor (we need this in order to bill insurance).

*Occasionally, we will be down the hall or running a quick errand.  If no one is sitting at the front desk, go ahead and make yourself at home.  We'll be back in a moment.


Once checked in you will be handed one document on a clip board.  This is just basic information we need for paperwork.  Once you're done you can hand it back to our receptionist and wait for your massage to begin.  Because, we offer a full hour massage our therapist will sometimes be coming right out of another massage and into yours.  Feel free to have a seat, read a magazine and relax.  We also have water,  and tea available.  Seriously, enjoy yourself!  You may also print off an intake form here:   


When your therapist is ready, they will show you into your therapy room.  Because they will only discuss your health concerns privately, as soon as you both enter the room the door will be shut behind you.  Please be as open with her as you feel comfortable.  The more information your therapist has, the better they can meet your needs.  

When they leave the room you will have a few minutes to undress to your comfort level.  Many people feel comfortable enough to fully undress although others will leave their underwear on.  The choice is yours and your therapist will work around whatever clothing you choose to keep on.  After undressing, please lay down on the massage table, face down, underneath the sheets and blanket.  Your therapist will not re-enter the room without knocking and waiting for your response.


During the beginning of your massage, you will be asked how the pressure of the massage is.  Please let your therapist know if the pressure is too hard or too soft so they can adjust to your comfort level.  During a full-body massage, your therapist will work all major muscles.  If you would like more or less time in certain areas please let them know.  Also, feel free to have as much or as little conversation with your therapist as you like.  Some people love to chat while others would love to fall asleep.  Whatever your desire, we'd love to accommodate.


After your massage is finished, your therapist will leave the room and give you plenty of time to relax, or wake up.  Take your time getting dressed.  They'll meet you outside your therapy room with a glass of water;  ready to answer any of your massage questions.  This is a great time to get more information about  massage, stretching or other health care advice.


Your therapist will also give you the opportunity to book your next massage.  Because of the busyness of our office, booking your next massage right away will ensure we can see you again at our most readily available time.  And of course, this is when you'll pay as well.  We take cash, check and major credit cards.