Bellamia Spa Services

Our spa is our most recent adventure, joining Campbell's Resort from 2016-2019. We are excited to add all the great services and more we had at our Campbell's location, to our 313 E Woodin Ave Chelan location. 


Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage:                60/90 min - $100/$145

This relaxing spa massage comes with your choice of Swedish or Deep Tissue style, hot towels on your back and feet, along with your choice of our 4 aromatherapy oil blends.

Maternity Massage:                                           60/90 min - $100/$145

We offer all the great benefits of a spa massage along with a focus of treating all the areas that are hurting or bothering the mother to be. (Please make sure to let your therapist know how far along you are when booking your appointment)

Hot Stone:                                                          60/90 min - $125/$165

Hot stone massage is an experience in itself. We use smooth water heated stones to help melt away any muscle tension, stiffness, and to increase circulation. Each 60-90 hot stone massage promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of stones at key point in your body.

(cannot be used for 90 min combo)

Deep Water:                                                       60/90 min - $110/$160

This deep tissue focused massage is for those sore achy muscles. We use a combination of hot towels, a hydroculator pack to help heat and loosen your deeper hard to reach tissue, and deep blue infused oil. We end the massage with our Deep Blue cream to help sooth and cool your muscles.

(cannot be used for 90 min combo)

Sunset:                                                                 60/90 min - $130/$190

Our signature Sunset we use a Swedish relaxation massage, hot towels, and citrus bliss infused oil. You will  relax even more to a coconut scalp treatment and receive a foot scrub to help exfoliate those dry summertime feet. Everything about this service is heavenly.

(cannot be used for 90 min combo)

Body Treatments: 

Granola Girl:                                                       60 min - $95

The Granola Girl cream wrap is made of almond milk and honey to help find the inner Granola Girl  or Guy in everyone. This wrap will help detoxify,exfoliate, and purify your skin to a natural healthy glow. The Granola Girl is infused with eucalyptus and mint to help you disconnect with the world and focus on your inner Granola Girl.

*No shoes needed

Primping Aint Easy:                                           60 min - $95

We all know primping aint easy but everyone's gotta do it. That's where we come in. This top shelf treatment is a healing emoliant cream body wrap with collagen, antioxidants, a blend of 10 different moisturizers, infused with raspberry and grapefruit. This powerful blend is perfect for dry or damaged skin and evens skin tones. Primping Aint Easy will take your body to the next level when it comes to pampering yourself.

*We are currently not doing facial's at this time. 


313 e. Woodin Ave.  \  Tel: 509-888-9989 ext.2


Mon - Sat: 9am - 5pm   

Sunday: Closed

Hours are subject to change

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  For groups of 3 or more we do automatically apply a

suggested 20% gratuity for your convenience.